Parts Management

2Supply® Parts Management Software

Our Parts Management software manages such part attributes as the physical, dimensional, and chemical properties of each part, and provides complete approval/audit capability to maintain data integrity. Costing information is also available, in addition to the tracking and part status information maintained by the system.

OEMs (and their related materials suppliers) can place orders for material, track orders, and re-order material based on forecasted consumption, inventory levels, and on-order quantities. The system allows OEMs to manage Steel Resale Programs including calculation of Scrap-Premium Recovery amounts, in multiple currencies, if appropriate.

Comprehensive reporting is provided by a built-in Business Intelligence module, which allows the user to develop standard reports and/or explore data relationships dynamically.

The parts Management system is highly configurable, with many pre-built options designed to allow users to customize however necessary.  User Roles can be defined such that information visibility can be controlled to a very granular level.

Since the system operates in a Cloud environment, security, access control and encryption (as necessary) are provided to keep your data secure and private.


  • Creation and configuration of parts
  • Manage quality attributes of parts
  • Maintain parts relationship from raw material through stamping for all parts
  • Relationship of Mechanical, dimensional, and chemical properties
  • Only correct material can be cross-applied
  • Costing maintains all cost roll up for all Parts, Freight, Steel process, Yield Calculations
  • Handle quality cost
  • Incorporate business rules
  • Customize for: Global enterprise Customer, Location or Vendor
  • Statistical Tools for forecasting
  • Inventory Management
  • Classification and disposition of inventory
  • Hold codes
  • Reconciliation on each month. Shipping and receiving matched against Vendors
  • Auto -Calculate mill orders (reduce workload).
  • Handles current crossapplications between materials and parts
  • Supports negotiation with suppliers
  • Support synchronization with ERP backend system.
  • Generate standard reports: Forecasting, Inventory management, Costing and Transportation
  • Freeform exploration of data
Million steel and metal parts processed, tracked and moved through our systems.